By William McReynolds

Happy Spring Quarter UCLA! We are now less than one week away from Dance Marathon 2023 and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome everyone to Pauley Pavilion this Saturday! Make sure to keep an eye out and say hi all week for PAC members in their neon t-shirts on Bruinwalk. With performers, food, drinks, costumes, games, and our headliner all planned, we can’t wait to take a literal stand against HIV/AIDS with you for 19 hours straight. But let’s have a little conversation about the money you’ll be fundraising and where it’s going.

Money and fundraising you say?

Yes! By participating in Dance Marathon as either a Dancer or Moraler there is an expectation that you will fundraise $10 per hour. This might seem steep but we promise that it is more than doable! We have tons of resources to help you fundraise beforehand as well as at Dance Marathon, but we also know that you want to understand where exactly this hard-earned fundraising money is going. It is divvied up like this:

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

70% of all of the money we fundraise goes towards the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) which works around the world to “end HIV and AIDS, and advocate for every child to live a full and healthy life into adulthood.” EPGAF seeks to use their research and advocacy to comprehensively address an evolving HIV and AIDS epidemic around the world with ongoing operations in over 25 countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. EPGAF supports mothers and families at all stages of development and to show just how valuable and important your fundraising is: just $6 allows an HIV positive mother to access HIV treatment for one month, $20 provides HIV counseling and testing for 4 pregnant women and $25 provides HIV counseling and testing for a child!

The Laurel Foundation

14% of all of the money fundraised goes towards the Laurel Foundation which offers educational and support programs to youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS, transgender youth, and other at-risk youth populations. Through a series of winter and summer overnight camps offered cost-free at Camp Laurel, children have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities, fun, and games as well as experience an encouraging and accepting community. For every $1,200 that is raised, one child has the opportunity to experience camp through the work of the Laurel Foundation.

UCLA AIDS Institute

15% of all the money we fundraise goes towards the UCLA AIDS Institute. Established in 1992, the UCLA AIDS Institute is a global leader in research developing a safe and effective HIV vaccine as well as researching gene therapy. A multidisciplinary think-tank consisting of of over 200 top researchers, the UCLA AIDS Institute is home to groundbreaking science that benefits people all over the world partially made possible through the efforts of PAC.

PAC Direct Programs

Lastly, the remaining 1% of all of the money we fundraise goes towards PAC’s Direct Service Programs. Supporting local children affected by HIV/AIDS ranging from six to eighteen years old in the Los Angeles Area, PAC’s Direct Service supports mentorships and community-building events such as scavenger hunts, BBQs, and picnics! This allows children a chance to spend time with others that may be experiencing a similar journey and is only made possible through your fundraising!

And there you have it! This is how all of the money fundraised by all you Dancers and Moralers is distributed and goes out into the world to make it just a little bit better. With that, we thank you for each and every penny you raise and look forward to seeing you this weekend! Carpe DM (Dance Marathon)!