The Pediatric AIDS Coalition is proud to partner with the greater Los Angeles community, from participating in events hosted by other HIV/AIDS-centered organizations, to working with local high schools, community colleges and universities. PAC’s efforts focus on spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS and starting a dialogue about the stigma associated with the disease – from giving HIV focused presentations to at risk-youth to creating an entire three-hour experience for the LA community during our Community Morale Shift at Dance Marathon!

PAC is excited to work with new organizations and foster community bonds with people as passionate about reaching an AIDS-Free Generation as we are! If you are looking for a way to get involved, the Pediatric AIDS Coalition offers a variety of options so you too can join the fight. Whether you would like an audience for your platform, a HIV focused presentation geared toward any age-level, or would like to experience the largest-student run philanthropy event on the West Coast – don’t hesitate to contact us. PAC have several teams dedicated to community outreach that are eagerly waiting to work with you!

Please direct inquiries regarding community partnerships to Birdie Appell at pac.crel.ucla@gmail.com