1% of the funds raised through Dance Marathon go to PAC’s Direct Service programming, which provides support to local affected/infected children in the Los Angeles Area through mentorships, community-building events, and a Life Skills Retreat.

Mentorship Events (For Ages 6-18)

Our mentorship events are geared toward children affect by HIV/AIDS, whether through their own experience or the experience of a family member. These are daytime events hosted by members of the Pediatric AIDS Coalition on UCLA’s campus and around Los Angeles. This year, we are partnering with The Laurel Foundation for these events. The purpose of these events is to give children a chance to spend time with others that may be experiencing a similar journey. We strive to create a supportive community and a safe space between UCLA students and the children we serve.

These events include scavenger hunts, picnics and BBQs, visits to the UCLA campus and excursions in the greater Los Angeles area. They are free for participants and include transportation, meals and group discussions!

Life Skills Retreat (For High School Students)

Life Skills Retreat is a weekend-long retreat over Presidents’ Day weekend starting at UCLA and ending at a mountain retreat. Led by PAC members, it is catered toward young adults transitioning from high school to adulthood. The weekend incorporates workshops on topics such as resume construction, relationships, college life, budgeting in the read world, and more. We aim to give attendees the opportunity to connect with others on a similar path, while learning skills helpful in preparing for life as a young adult.

Life Skills Retreat includes a tour of the UCLA campus, a meal in one of the #1-ranked dining halls in the nation and two nights at a mountain retreat. They are free for participants and include transportation, meals and group discussions. Participants will learn invaluable skills to utilize in their everyday lives and create lasting friendships!


“Bonding with everybody was awesome, knowing that people are full of kindness and ready to make a change giving us courage, hope and tools to face the world. We are thankful for everything and every moment we spent with the members of PAC.”
– Kassandra, Life Skills participant

Life Skills Retreat 2019

Please direct inquiries regarding Mentorship Events and Life Skills Retreat to Jayden Tan at